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RTM Gallery

Here is an insight to works in progress, finished projects, and everything in between.  See the complexity and creation first hand of various projects.  Each project is different and requires a different touch.  From Residential remodels to commercial veneer systems, Round Table Masonry is outfitted for any task large or small.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, safety, reliability, and proficiency.  Contact Round Table Masonry today for your free estimate.  Our goal is to show you the wide variety of projects within our capabilities.

Spec Mix Bricklayer 500

Round Table Masonry is honored to have our contestants on the cover shot of this event!  You can see here in the video that our founder Matthew Sacomano and Laborer are competing in the Spec Mix sponsored event, The Bricklayer 500 where the top craftsman in the state compete to see how many brick they can lay in 1 hour.  Matthew placed 4th in Round Table Masonry's first appearance.  With a total of 540 Units laid in a single hour.  This event requires the mason to lay 40 brick across forehand and 40 brick across overhand (backwards) for a total of 80 Brick per course.  

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