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2020 Spec Mix Bricklayer 500

Colorado Regional Event "Worlds Fastest Bricklayer" Competition

The Spec Mix Bricklayer 500 is an amazing competition hosted and sponsored by the best vendors in Colorado.  Teams are given 60 minutes to lay as many brick as possible, after the judges grade the quality of the work installed as well as the quantity.  In this video thumbnail you can see the Round Table Masonry Team in Action!  Matthew Sacomano (Mason) and Brian Kent (Tender) compete to get Round Table Masonry on the list of fastest bricklayer in Colorado.  Although the competition was tough Round Table Masonry did not win this event.  We are proud to say that we finished just out of a victory placement.  It is a real honor to be able to compete at this level!  Matthew quoted "as the estimator and project manager for Round Table Masonry I was very happy with our performance in this event as this was our first time competing in an unfamiliar setting."  Round Table Masonry prides itself on quality and efficiency and this is a unique competition that requires more than most "on the job" situations.  Congratulations to everyone who competed in this event.  We look forward to competing next year!

Western Colorado University- Gunnison, CO

Round Table Masonry is proud to display the current progress on a wonderful project underway in Gunnison, CO.

This project has made the local university newsletter due to it's magnitude and commanding presence on campus.  Towering over 40 feet tall with over 75,000 Brick located at first sight off of Highway 50 in this small mountain town.  This amazing structure is being built and funded by an alumni student of the campus.  This building is to be for the engineering department of WCU.  

Round Table Masonry Employees have also made the local campus newsletter while encountering the author in a social setting outside work and helped contribute to the information to be shared.


Downtown Colorado Springs Historic Renovation

In the Heart of Downtown Colorado Springs, Round Table Masonry is working on an interior historic brick renovation.  The structural steel in this building is stamped June 18th 1934.  This iconic piece of history is getting a massive face lift and is expected to be a shining star of Downtown in the near future.  As Round Table Masonry precisely and carefully renovates this tribute to history, some interesting old artifacts have been discovered including a newspaper article from the 50's describing the Truman administration in detail.

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